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Spleene kites

Spleene SPX

Spleene je predstavil nov kajt SPX. Kratek angleški opis in link

SpleeneThe brandnew SP-X will exceed even your highest expectations for a modern kite. No matter if you´re into new school , hangtime, wave or freeriding is perfect for this kite. The SP-X is the all terrain kite on the market. The kite's blindingly easy handling and its amazingly small bar bar pressure ensure long lasting and relaxing sessions. The SP-X has got an incredibly powerful lift, which will take your jumps to a new level. The SP-X's huge depower, which is very linear and even over the whole depower way, provides an unbeaten windrange. With its foolproof water re-launch you feel so safe that you'll begin to try out maneuvers and tricks you have never dreamed of before. Everybody talks about C-Kite-bar-feeling. The SP-X has definitely got it, but it´s way easier to ride than a "classical C" and you need far less physical strength energy of your body. The kite provides a very precise response and you know its position in the wind window any time even without looking at it. Only the very best materials of the whole market have been chosen for the kite's construction: The canopy is made of Teijin Ripstop and we have reinforced the kite with Kevlar patchesat the most stressed parts of the kite, but we have always kept an eye on the weight of the kite. Only very light kites are agile and quick. Spleene´s very well working one point inflation system ensures quick setup times. Come and test the new feeling of the Spleene SP-X!!!


Spletna stran Spleene

Spletna stran porizvajalca Spleene (www.spleene.com).

{iframe width="700" height="400" align="top"}http://www.spleene.com/{/iframe}

Kajt Spleene Q in bar IQ

Delta Spleene Q kajt ......:

  • veliko vetrovno območje in izreden lowend
  • dobro odziven na baru in zelo hiter
  • hangtime, višina in upwind performance primerljiv z ostalimi
  • za safety (chicken loop) ne potrebuješ safety leasha
Več na linku tu ali na strani www.spleene.com, kjer se že predstavlja tudi novi SPX.